Suffolk Saw of New England is an authorized band saw blade welding and sharpening center for Suffolk Machinery Corp. , manufacturer of Timber Wolf Band Saw Blades. We have been welding, sharpening and servicing thin kerf band mill blades for over twenty years and sell Timber Wolf Band Saw Blades for band mills and other band saw applications.

We also sell some mill and sharpening accessories, Urethane V-Belts, Dual tooth setter,  grind rock,  cams for sharpeners,  and Guide systems.

We sell band saws for vertical wood working machines 1/8 to 1inch wide
We sell Bi Metal blades for metal cutting applications ½ to 1 inch wide

We also offer tech support in choosing a blade and sawing problems.

We have convenient regional pickup and delivery locations to several hardware stores and lumber yards in central NH and the seacoast operated by MQSHARP. We also receive many packages from USPS, UPS, and FedEx etc. from all over the region that are processed and sent back to the customer quickly.