About Us

Suffolk Saw of New England is a Division of MQSHARP / and a distributor of Timber Wolf® Band Mill and Wood-Working Saw Blades since 2008. We have been welding and sharpening thin kerf band mill blades for over twenty years. We are the sole distributor and sharpening service for the Timber Wolf Brand in the New England Territory.

We sell Timber Wolf wood-working band saw blades from 1/8” to 1” wide for use on vertical band saws. We also sell band mill blades from 1” to 2” wide for portable band mills and resaws. All blades are welded to length in our Belmont NH shop. Custom lengths are no problem and no minimum order. We sharpen band mill blades of most manufactures on our automatic, CBN, oil cooled sharpeners.

We began operating the band saw side of our business as Suffolk Saw to take advantage of national branding. We have invested in some of the best welding and sharpening equipment available. We work hard to stay on top of industry changes and developments to assist you with tech support and provide the best customer service we can.